Prepare to be Amazed by the Delightfully Talented Traveling Troupe of Entertainers,
Performers, Soothsayers, Tinkerers, Storytellers, Menders, Craftsmen, and Tailors,
the Romani Scholomancers!
Gasp with Delight at their Clever Antics!
Wonder in Awe at their Death Defying Stunts!
Marvel at their Skilled Craftmanship and Delightful Gizmos!
Attend the Fair Maidens in their Fanciful Folk Dances!
Have your Fortune told by Her Ladyship, The Baba Marta!
This and More for Only the Gift of a Few Gold Coins! The End of Winter is Here!

gypsy_by_bvandenberg-d3i7qxhYours is a long and proud history, passed down through oral traditions since the dawn of history. You are loved, shunned, revered, detested, trusted, suspected, and escorted in and out of every town to either welcoming shouts or sneering jeers. Others have given you a name–“gypsies”–but your life on the road is how you define yourself. And you couldn’t imagine it any other way–for every little town or village you visit, you leave richer in knowledge, skills, and (of course) coin.

Luckily for you, the fascination the locals have with your “peculiar ways” never delves far beneath the surface. Few would willingly accept you into their town if they knew the truth–that the amazing stunts, magical illusion shows, well-crafted gizmos, masterfully-tailored clothes, and fortune-tellings were real. The tricks of magic are just one of the many skills you’ve picked up along the way, though arguably they are your most essential.