Where are we?

dog-head-ogreOur campaign stories revolving around the Scholomancers are set in an alternate version of Wallachia [wo-ley-kee-uh], now a part of modern-day Romania. There will be also be strong influences and legends from the surrounding cultures and regions (Transylvania, Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland, the Ukraine, and even Turkey), though these lands may not be called by recognizable names.

When are we?

Many of the world events occurring in our fictional Wallachia will be shadowing events of the 15th-century in the Balkan Peninsula. Some of the most interesting and enduring Romanian legends were formed during this time. However, the technology will mirror more 18th-century technology, when modern firearms, medicine, and instruments were first being well-defined, later culminating in the Industrial Revolution.

france-grand-mc3a9chant-loupWhat will we face?

The land of Wallachia is hardly a safe place. More than unwelcoming villagers hide in these woods–beasts, witches, and ogres lurk in the dark depths of the snowy countryside, and hordes of invaders threaten from foreign lands. Your training has prepared you well for any dangers you might face; but in the end, it will be your resolute spirit and quick thinking that keeps you alive.