Words that are capitalized on cards refer to specific DragonScale system terminology, to avoid ambiguity. Here’s what each of those words specifically means.

Action Dice (AD) – The main resource of each Player; these are spent for everything the Player does, and they also correspond roughly to health..

Ally – Any other Player or friendly co-traveler.

Attack / Attack Roll – The attempt made to damage an opponent, using a dice roll vs. the opponent’s Defense. (Clarification: if there is no dice roll involved, it does not count as an official “Attack.”)

ASE – Standing for Attack/Spell/Effect, this refers to any and all abilities originating from a Player.

Beginning-of-Round (BOR) – The point in the Round when Players and Enemies regain their Spent Action Dice.

Counter – A physical object, like a gambling token, that’s used to keep track of Statuses.

Defense – A Player or Enemy’s total armor score that an opponent must overcome to do damage.

Effect – An ability or text added to a Player’s Spell, usually because of their Character card. This differs from a “Spell” because the Player did not actively pay for it.

End-of-Round – Most clean-up effects happen here, such as the management of Status Counters and removal of most boosts.

Enemy – A generic term for any opponent to the Player or their Allies.

Equipment – Worn Foci (such as weapons or armor) that is not immediately used up during a Spell.

Focus / Foci – Any object in the world might be a Focus, or a source of magical power to a Scholomancer. However, unless it is a more sturdy Equipment card, it is destroyed and reshuffled after being used.

Game Master (GM) – The person in charge of officiating the game’s rules and story-telling. Usually the GM does not play a character himself, instead managing the monsters and denizens of the world.

Map – The current terrain and its boundaries displayed on the play area. Certain abilities or Objectives only occur once per Map.

Move / Movement – The number of squares on the battle grid that each Player (or Enemy) can move on their Turn. (The first of each Round is free.)

Player – Someone who is involved in playing the game. Refers to not only the actual person, but their character and all cards they control.

Range – For certain Weapons, the limit of squares at which they can hit Enemies. (This is often modified by activated abilities, Modules, etc.)

Round – A complete rotation of game play, comprising Turns for all Players and Enemies. Battles typically only last for a handful of these.

Spell – An Attack made using additional, activated bonuses. Using a Character card’s ability text or that of a Spell Component are the first ways Players cast “Spells” in the game.

Spent – Action Dice that have been used in some way.

Status – An effect that is applied to a Player or Enemy. In the Basic Card Set, these comprise “Burning,” “Stunned,” “Vulnerable,” and “Webbed.”

Turn – The period of time where a single Player has control of game play and decides his next action (or passes the baton to the next Player).

Status Trackers: