Playable Characters (PCs) are a quicky, easy means for Players to grasp their function in the world and learn game mechanics. As such, in the basic game set, the first ten PCs fall into ten popular clichés. They are loosely defined by their primary element in terms of both abilities and personality:

Fire: Plamen is a “hotheaded” youth, still seeking to prove himself to others around him. This often leads to his friends extricating him from fight or situations he should have just avoided in the first place.


Water: Much like the ice she controls, Snezhana is often accused of being emotionally “cold” and distant. In reality, she is uncomfortable around others and tries to mask her social awkwardness…along with a haunting secret.


Earth: Often shrugging off blows that would fell a lesser man, Petre is a “rock-solid,” dependable mate. He often sees himself as a father-figure to his younger friends around him and goes out of his way to protect them. Alone, however, he hides his personal troubles behind a bottle.


Sky: Zaria is often described as flighty and a little “air-headed,” but she simply revels in new adventures and experiences. Loathe to tie herself down to one place or person, Zaria is always looking forward to the next morning…as long as that means waking up in someplace or with someone new.


Wood: Mokosh treats people much like the plants she loves–always looking for ways to tend, nourish, or grow. Some grow tired of her constant attentions, but she rarely takes the hint. After all, she’s never had a plant complain.


Metal: Dimir is the sort of man you’d want at your back in a fight, but not necessarily beside you at the tavern. Loud, raucous, and boastful, Dimir knows he has skills, and he’s always too eager to demonstrate them…particularly if there are women (or men) he has an eye on.


Light: A student for most her life, Ileana has little experience with the real, “outside” world. While this means she can freeze up in unfamiliar environments or high-stress situations, she has a nose for useful information and is a quick study at medicine.


Shadow: Senka’s in it for number one, and that number one is her. Her fondness for theft and trickery stems from a dual love of money and lust for trophies. As long as her motives align with the party’s, she can be dependable…but check your coin purse afterwards.


Blood: Bálint is a pupil of one of the most forbidden studies to man–that of the border between life and death. Bálint intends to cheat death, and he’s willing to place his own life on the line to achieve that. In his travels, he’s learned more than one unsettling trick to push a creature over to death…or even to call them back, for a time.


Mind: Veles has lived long enough to see past the charade of everyday life. He enjoys investing in the next generation, entertaining children with fake magic tricks and stories; but on his own, he is a troubled, brooding individual. He regularly worries if his powerful interventions are not in fact causing repercussions even he cannot foresee or prevent.