Individual Spells

When making an Attack, Spell, or Effect, a Scholomancer uses the interaction between their Foci and their Invocations. All Scholomancers carry some form of Spell Pouch, such as the one listed here:


For example, let’s say Player “Jin” is currently invoking Hadúr, the Hungarian god of fire and blacksmithing (representing Metal, Fire, and Blood):


Jin is also carrying two Foci: a Short Sword and a Buckler:


Jin is currently staring down a small demonic creature. He has the following options open to him:

  • ice-mephitRoll an Attack with all three AD, without casting a spell.
    Result: High hit chance, -1 Enemy AD if successful.
  • Roll an Attack with two AD, using one to channel the Sword’s effect.
    Result: Moderate hit chance, -3 Enemy AD if successful (often enough for a fatality).
  • Roll an Attack with one AD, using two to channel both the Sword and the Shield’s effects.
    Result: Low hit chance, -3 Enemy AD if successful. Until their next turn, Player ignores the first Enemy Strike.
  • Use one AD to channel the Shield, putting the rest into Defense.
    Result: Full defensive position, with a total of 2+2 to Defense until next turn, including ignoring the first Enemy Strike.

(Additionally, the Player would be able to treat a non-life-threatening injury, thanks to the Blood element in the sword, but would not realistically have time in combat to perform this action.)

Because the complexity of possible actions increases so dramatically with more Foci, newer Players are often limited to owning only one Focus.


Group Spells: The ‘Fireball’

(The following is a heavily-contrived situation, but it serves for the purpose of illustration.)

9bb36b7a9dcb736a68af7e8b76289adaLet’s say our party consists of three Scholomancers–Dev, Bret, and Ardin. They’re resting at their favorite pub when the front door slams open, and a horde of goblin-like creatures poise to flood inside. Patrons scream, tables are flipped, and flagons are dashed.

The Scholomancers, however, do not break and run. Instead, seizing the closest items at their disposal, the three quickly stand to dispatch the threat.

Dev is currently honoring Hadúr, the Hungarian deity of fire and smithing. Having sudden inspiration, she places one palm against a clay brick in the nearby fireplace and another on the wooden table they all still lean upon. “Give us strength!” she yells.


  • Player’s next Strike subtracts an extra Action Dice from the Enemy (Invocation).
  • Player shares all final benefits of this Spell with all Allies+Enemies touching specified surface (Focus).

869423acc228d9eeca05e6a132b2c555Bret venerates Bacchus, a Roman god. While known most for being a god of excess, Bacchus was also a messenger between the living and the dead, feeding the deceased through blood offerings.

Bret grabs the knife out of turkey carcass on the table. Carefully cutting a vein thrice on his forearm, he holds it out to let the blood fall on the table top. “May your blood flow as freely as mine,” he declares, cursing the invaders.


  • Until End-of-Round, visible Ally may spend 1 more AD than normal (activated three times for Ardin).

Ardin is currently invoking Agni, the Vedic messenger from the gods. He jumps over the bar top, grabs a nearby candlestick, and uses it to smash the mirror over the cowering bartender. Finally armed with a Focus in each hand, he holds the mirror shard up and outwards towards the goblins, placing the candle’s flame directly in front of it. “Let the light of justice consume you!” he bellows.


  • Player’s next Strike also applies one counter of “Burning” (Invocation).
  • Player illuminates surrounding area (to limit of map) (Invocation).
  • Player’s next Attack may instead be directed against any single, visible Enemy (mirror Focus).
  • Player’s next Attack is also applied to Enemies directly adjacent to their target (candle Focus).

mtg_081992_5550846All totaled, Dev and Bret have channeled their Invocations and their Foci to directly donate benefits to Ardin. Ardin has likely spent 1 AD to get both of his Foci, and 2 more to activate each of them. He would normally be unable to act further, but Bret’s blood sacrifice has empowered him with 3 extra AD to use this Round.

.Ardin is likely going to cast a single Attack using all 3 of his Action Dice. His final, single Attack Spell will look as such:

  • 3x Action Dice for Attack Roll (averaged result 3.5 x 3 = 10.5)
  • The Attack is made at range.
  • A Strike subtracts 2 Action Dice (instead of the typical 1)
  • The Attack is applied to as many as 9 Enemies at once (initial target + all adjacent).
  • Any Enemies still alive are “Burning” (losing a 3rd Action Dice at the End-of-Round).
  • Everyone else in the pub is briefly blinded by a very large flash.

Learning how to craft “Group Spells” not only goes a long way toward dispatching multiple Enemies, but toward taking on larger and tougher Enemies as campaigns progress.