I. The Ten Elements

The world is divided into ten primary elements, which in turn form opposing couplets:

Fire – Seen most obviously in a campfire or furnace, “fire” can also represent any great release of energy.
Water – Besides the literal definition, water can also reference life, health, or cleansing, or generally any liquid.

Earth – Soil, stone, and anything solid enough to build a house from could classify as “earth.” Earth is stable and tough and often called on for protection.
Sky – In addition to the literal sky and gasses, this element also invokes the idea of direction, dreams, and stretching into space towards one’s limits.

Wood – Also called “Nature,” wood represents anything that grows independent of the hand of man. Plants, animals, and even humans fall under the umbrella term of nature and wood.
Metal – Specifically referencing the skill of man, metal refers to anything crafted towards a new purpose–wheels, spears, tools, houses, wagons, and even needle-sewn clothes.

Light – Light comes in all forms and from all sources. It also represents revelation and the discovering of knowledge.
Shadow – Shadow can represent something that is hidden or shrouded. Because of this, it can also represent ignorance.

Blood – Also called “Health,” blood alludes to the physical health and strength of an organism. The more vital and vibrant a plant or animal is, the greater tie it will have to blood.
Mind – This element references the realm of thought entirely. Mind includes logic, reason, knowledge, emotion, religion, politics, society, and anything incorporeal which still holds a steady grip on the affairs of the world.

II. Foci

“Just” a pen, an apple, or a leather pouch to anyone else, perhaps; but in your hands, the source of incredible magic. Such an object is called a “focus.” Every object in the world comprises at least two of these. It’s the interaction of these elements within everyday objects and the deities you invoke that allows you to literally create your magic.

Standard Foci

“Standard” foci are the ones you’ll encounter most often, beneath a tree or on top of a desk. Since they represent interaction between two different elements, the base set includes a total of 90 Focus cards. (The following are sorted by initial element.)

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At times, a sorcerer or Scholomancer will happen upon an item with a particularly-strong affinity to one single element–a foci that won’t be expended by use. These special items are known as “Talismans”:

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Well-crafted equipment is a mainstay for any adventurer, and Scholomancers are no exception to this rule. While equipment can also have attunements and be channeled as a foci, but they only offer static bonuses, not activated bonuses. (I.e. Channeling them will only yield the triggered abilities from Character cards.)

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