Your character hails from a long line of specially-trained Scholomancers…travelers with connections to ancient, foreign gods. At the start of each day, you choose which of these borrowed deities you will call on for aid, or “invoke,” to gain your powers for the day.

While there are hundreds of gods in existence, a Scholomancer first learns of ten representative deities that will readily aid them. Each deity commands 3 of the 10 known magical elements.

As a messenger to and from the gods, the Vedic deity Agni is conceptualized on earth as fire, in atmosphere as lightning, and in the sky as sun.
condatis Meaning “Waters Meet,” Condatis is a Gaulish deity linked with the prevalent Celtic cult of healing, thermal waters.
peklenc The Slavic god Peklenc masters the subterranean fire by which metals and precious stones are forged. He is also a judge of the living, commanding subterranean waters that cause earthquakes and sometimes swallow entire evil towns whole, leaving only a lake in their place.
skadi In Norse mythology, Skaði (sometimes “Skadi”) is a giantess and goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains.
tapio Tapio is a Finnish forest spirit or god. Befitting the “Green Man” archetype, he has a beard of lichen and eyebrows of moss. Hunters pray to him before a hunt.
hadur In Hungarian, Hadúrs name means “warlord” or “lord of the armies.” He is a god of fire and lives as a blacksmith of the gods.
belenus Known as the “Fair Shining One,” Belenus is thought to ride the Sun across the sky in a horse-drawn chariot. A Celtic deity, he is associated with the horse, the wheel, and the modern Sabbat Beltane.
 artume Later associated with a Greek goddess of similar name, Artume is the Etruscan goddess of night, the moon, death, nature, woods, and fertility.
 bacchus Bacchus’ wine, music, and ecstatic dance frees his followers from restraining self-consciousness. His Roman “cult of the souls” also feeds the dead through blood-offerings, and Bacchus communicates between the living and the dead.
 peitho Peitho is the Greek goddess or personified spirit of persuasion, seduction, and charming speech. She is a handmaiden and herald of the goddess Aphrodite.